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Pan card application is available in online for all applicant as safe and secured way. I am also applying my pan card via online. But i cannot process the application get download. And also i can fill all my details in that application. It cannot be submit and consisting some of errors also. I have paid fee for the pan card. What can i do now? Please help me. Anybody see this errors your application. If getting experience like this. Share some explanation to submit it successfully. Kindly help me friends.

Income tax departments database are getting more complaints like this. How to solve those problems when applying pan card? My friend acknowledgement number is missed 2 weeks before. How to check the status about his Submitted their date of birth, phone number and email id. Any easy way is possible for applying new pan card? Very urgent for my pan card for open account with post office to invest my amount. Without pan card I cannot invest it. So please help me via chat of email id.

I have asked more people about this issue. But not one cannot give correct solution for it. I did not receive any useful information from my email address. So I have registered the complaint in official board. I request you to complete my application. Is it possible to applying duplicate pan card for business activity? Possible means how. Please tell me the exact process for applying that.

I have seen more problems for applying pan card. And also trouble with applying with online. I am ready to submit all required documents and details. I am not getting exact communication address also. Please anybody help me to get quick for my pan card. Long time I am getting this problem. Anybody there?

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